HeinfeldMeech is a leader in providing Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) and Citizen-Centric Reporting (CCR) services to Arizona local governments. PAFRs and CCRs are becoming widely accepted as the most effective way to communicate complex financial data and governmental initiatives to the general public.

Community-based reporting can be beneficial by helping your organization with:

  • Educating the community on your organization’s financial position
  • Reporting on sources of revenue
  • Reporting on funding on programs
  • Explaining where tax dollars are spent
  • Reporting on general fund expenditures and other funds that need to be highlighted
  • Educating the community on transaction privilege or other taxes
  • Presenting public relations material for economic development
  • Showcasing your organization’s accomplishments
  • Summarizing most requested information
  • Meeting reporting requirements in some organizations’ charters
  • Informing the community of future initiatives prior to an election and the status of past voter-approved initiatives

You can view clips from our presentation on community-based reporting at:

You can also download the following sample reports:

Please contact us for more information on how HeinfeldMeech can help you with the development or review of these reports for your organization.

  • For information on GFOA’s Popular Annual Financial Reporting Award Program, visit the GFOA website.
  • For information on the AGA’s Citizen-Centric Reporting Initiative and Certificate of Excellence Award Program, visit the AGA website.