National Expertise on the Local Level

HeinfeldMeech is a recognized national and local leader in the non-profit accounting industry. Our partners and managers are frequently called upon by industry organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants and Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits to provide presentations or serve on committees. HeinfeldMeech also has membership access to the Not-for-Profit Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which provides its members with best practices, guidelines, and tools to better serve their clients.  

Our Practice in Non-Profit 501(c) Organizations

We seek out opportunities to learn about our clients’ operations and objectives so that we may identify ways to provide assistance on financial reporting and operational matters. Our commitment to assisting nonprofits also led us to develop a series of trainings that address important accounting and operational topics for the non-profit community.

Our client roster has included a variety of different non-profits with specific audit requirements including service organizations, community foundations, schools, museums, and membership organizations. Our range of services provided to the non-profit sector includes:

Financial statement audits Business operations reviews
Financial grant compliance audits Accounting procedure reviews
Financial statement reviews On-site staff trainings
Agreed-upon procedures Internal audit manuals
Tax return (Form 990) preparation Desk procedure manuals
Public financial reporting Operational reviews

Dedicated to Providing Best Practices

As part of our dedication to high-quality service to nonprofits, HeinfeldMeech will provides critical solutions and best practices to our clients throughout the year. This includes a series of workshops and webinars to Arizona’s nonprofits on relevant accounting and compliance issues.  Our trainings have included:

Accounting for Gifts-in-Kind Contributions Is It a Sponsorship or Taxable Advertising Income?
Common Errors in the Form 990 Revenue Recognition for Nonprofits
Common Internal Control Deficiencies and How to Avoid Them Basic Record Keeping Requirements for Charitable Contributions
Lease Accounting Implementation for Non-Profits A Guide to Functional Expenses for Non-Profits
Accounting for Fundraising Activities Preparing for Your Single Audit
Part VII – Compensation on the Form 990 A Beginner’s Guide to 1099-MISC Requirements
The Impact of Uniform Guidance on Non-Profits Preparing the SEFA for Your Organization’s Single Audit

HeinfeldMeech also regularly publishes articles written by our partners and staff on accounting and management topics relevant to non-profit audiences.  Links to a selection of recent articles are provided below.  More can be found in our resources page, and, if you would like to receive notices for new articles,  please join our mailing list.

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