Where to get tax-exempt number or determination letter

Q:  How can governmental entities provide a tax-exempt number or ‘determination’ letter from the IRS to prove status as a ‘tax-exempt’ or a charitable entity?

A:  In order for a government to receive a determination of its status as a political subdivision, the IRS will issue a ‘government affirmation letter’ free of charge. You may request this letter by calling the IRS Tax Exempt/Government Entity Cincinnati Call Site at 1-877-829-5500. According to the IRS, most organizations and individuals will accept the government affirmation letter as the substantiation they need.


Vendor or outside organization requesting our tax-exempt status determination (governmental entities)

Q:  How do we respond to a vendor or outside organization requesting our tax exempt status determination?

A:  According to IRS Code Section 170(b) and 170(c), a governmental unit [as described in 170(c)(1)] is classified as a charitable organization. However, no determination letter is needed from the IRS if you are a governmental entity.


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