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Posted on Jun 9, 2015

The AICPA: Much More than Debits and Credits

by Corey Arvizu, CPA, Managing Partner

     Most of us know the American Institute of CPAs (AIPCA) as being the largest member association of the accounting profession with more than 400,000 worldwide members from various industry areas. The AICPA is also known for setting both the auditing and ethical standards of the profession, developing the CPA examination, and for being a key resource of education, guidance and resources for accountants in both public practice and business. Unfortunately what the AICPA may not be as well known for is some of the initiatives it has taken to make a positive impact in our communities.

     360 degrees of Financial Literacy. A national volunteer effort to help Americans understand personal finances and develop money management skills – from childhood to retirement. Click on the following for more information: 360financialliteracy.

     Start Here, Go Places. A web-based campaign to educate high school and college students about the numerous opportunities available within the CPA profession. The web site includes business simulations, games, profiles of CPAs, and scholarship information. Click on the following for more information: Start Here, Go Places.

     Feed the Pig. A collaboration ofthe AICPA, state accounting societies, and the Ad Council to help Americans make changes to their savings and spending habits. A national campaign of television, radio, print and billboard communications is complimented with emails, text messages, podcasts, Twitter and Facebook. The web site has free financial information and several interactive tools. Click on the following for more information: Feed the Pig.

     AICPA Foundation. The core purpose of the Foundation is to benefit the public by supporting financial education and promoting a culturally diverse profession, including providing scholarships to students pursuing studies in accounting. Click the following for more information: AICPA Foundation

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